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The program helps you to teach your child to read with a powerful step by step course.

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Teaching your children to read is a very difficult task . Is your child struggling to understand words ? You can help them !

The program contains a scientifically proven method to teach your little one how to read . Your child will become a fluid, confident and fast reader . You can see already great progress after a few months of learning . By watching the video on the Children Learning Reading website you can see the progress of different children through the use of this loved program . After one or two years, children can already read whole books with ease . Young children can become truly incredible readers, which will bring them more success in the future . For example, the school lessons will be much simpler for them . Also, it is proven that the early reading makes the child smarter .

The sooner the better !

A child who learns to read at an early age will become more self-confident and smarter ( More info ) . You would give your child a big advantage when it comes to school, many children first learn to read in school and can not keep up . This problem can follow children up to adulthood . Over 30 million adults in America can't read properly , this can lead to a lot of problems in daily life . The Reading strategies in school-teaching often lead to difficulties for many children . For parents, watching your children struggle with reading is very difficult . The learning program Children Learning Reading has become a very popular way to effectively teach children at a young age to read . The children will gain skill and self-confidence in reading , and of course fun, a very important thing .

And you can do the lessons wherever you want .

The program contains 2 e-books separated into Stage 1 and 2 . There are 50 different lessons in Children Learning Reading . They are simple and easy to follow, but also, extremely effective .

The reading and learning program is ideal for your child aged 2-7 . But in fact, there is no mandatory age . The sooner your child learns to read, the better it gets .

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