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Nightmares are not pleasant for anybody , but it is especially difficult when your child suffers from them . But there is a lot you can do to help your child cope with the nightmares .

Coping with nightmares / How to help your child with the Nightmares ?

1 . Go into your child's room to comfort and calm him.

2 . Don't ask what happened in the dream, they'll remember it and maybe they' ll have the same nightmare again .

3 . Do not deal with the content of the nightmare, your child should not think that something is true about it . If they say they've seen a monster or ghost, don't search the room for it. That doesn't calm your child, rather the opposite.

4 . Try to talk to your child about other things to distract him and to come up with new thoughts . You can make them think about the next day, about all the interesting things they will do .

5 . For the Younger children , you could maybe give them a toy or a teddy bear.

6 . Teach your child meditation exercises, such as breathing long and deep or imagining a happy place.

7 . Make sure they get tired again, tell relaxing stories or turn on relaxing music.

What if the nightmares are recurring ?

1 . Check what they are reading .

2 . Check what they're watching on the tv . Maybe your child is too young for certain shows or movies.

3 . Do your children play computer games ? Check the content .

4 . Maybe there are problems at home that they have to struggle with ?

5 . How's school going? Are they bullied or do they have other problems there ?

When you find the problem, it's time to act .

For example, you can forbid certain movies or computer games that are not appropriate for the age of your kid . Talk to your children about nightmares at the right time . Tell them that they shouldn't take this dreams seriously and that everything is just imagination .

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