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How to Survive a Divorce

how to survive divorce

A split in your marriage is a traumatising situation. Whether you are the one who initiated the divorce or not, the experience will turn your life into a rollercoaster of emotions. You have to come to terms with the reality that life, as you once knew it, is taking a new turn. Moreover, you have to contend with the financial implications of a divorce. You are moving from a two-person income to being the breadwinner. While a divorce disrupts your dreams and launches you into uncharted territory, you need to cope and move on with life. Here are a few tips on how to survive divorce that will get you through the difficult time.


Divorce is a significant and devastating loss. Therefore, you need time to grieve the loss of companionship and loss of support. The breakup may also destroy your hopes, plans, and dreams. Deal with the pain and the feeling of uncertainty for the future. It is okay to cry. You will feel better after letting the emotions out of your heart. Some alone time to grieve the loss is important. However, after a few days, try to be social and engage with the world.

Stop blaming yourself

While some people are okay with laying the blame on their spouse, others blame themselves. They regret not doing some things like being around enough or doing something to save the marriage. Do not stress yourself with bygones; they will only make you feel depressed. The best thing is to forgive yourself and start healing.

Get a good support system

If you go through a painful divorce alone, you risk going into depression. When you are ready to share your story, talk to someone about your feelings. It can be your parents, friends, or a therapist who will give you tips on how to survive divorce. Just having a safe space to explore what you feel without judgement will aid your healing. Be open about your emotions, but do not feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. You do not owe them an explanation. Your friends will also help you settle into a comfortable routine. You can get a new job or join a social event that will take your mind off the divorce.

Take a break

A divorce takes a toll on your body both physically and psychologically. Do not feel the need to be productive or do the things the way you usually do. You deserve a break to regroup and renew your energy.

Take care of your body

Despite the immense pain you are feeling, you must take care of yourself. That means you need to eat healthily and relax. Ensure you also get adequate rest. An exercise routine is also a perfect way to reduce stress and keep your body in shape. Yoga can help you to relax and stay positive. Make sure you avoid using alcohol and drugs to numb the pain. While they may be effective for a short time, they only complicate your situation.

Avoid fights with your spouse

You have to meet with your spouse after the divorce, especially if you have kids. Do not get into arguments and verbal abuse. If a conversation turns into an argument, it is better to walk away. Power struggles and constant fights make it hard to move on and heal.

Explore new interests

You used to do a lot of things with your spouse. Therefore, you need to find new hobbies or something you can enjoy doing alone. It could be a passion you want to explore, like painting, writing a novel, or volunteering. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are enjoying life and staying optimistic.

While breakups are devastating, you need to focus on moving forward. You will feel better and stronger with time.

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