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Reasons and tips for Teenage sleep problems :

We all have difficulties falling asleep from time to time , but if your teenage son or daughter has trouble sleeping, don’t ignore it. Insufficient sleep is not healthy, besides, it will be difficult to concentrate in school . Here are the causes and some tips for teenage sleep problems !

But how much sleep does a teenager actually need ?

Teenagers are still at the grow, so they need to sleep longer than an adult person . 8 – 9 hours of sleep are ideal and healthy for teenagers . But a lot of teenagers have less sleep. Their lifestyle and other issues prevent young people from sleeping as much as they should to stay healthy.

The sleep breakers !

One of the main reasons for teenagers not sleeping enough are the many aspects of their lives that prevent them from sleeping .

These are the most common reasons for teenage sleep problems :

1 . Yes, school is important, but too much studying and schoolwork can lead to stress and serious sleep problems .

2 . Too much time on computer, smartphone and other devices can keep them from sleeping .

3 . Too much playing of videogames .

4 . Specific stress, such as upcoming exams , relationship problems , maybe bullying .

5 . Too much TV watching, especially thrilling action or horror movies you should not watch before bed .

6 . Too many non-school activities, such as sports .

7 . Media in bed, watching movies on the smartphone, tablet, or on DVD .

8 . Too many exercises before going to bed .

The consequences of insufficient sleep

Too little sleep has a great amount of consequences, not enough sleep can cause :

1 . Accidents and injuries, you are careless and not concentrated . You’re inattentive .

2 . Behavioral problems, including bad mood, stress, depression, anxiety and confusion .

3 . Of course, there are also problems with learning, caused by lack of concentration .

4 . Little sleep reduces the brains capacity .

5 . Little sleeping can make you fat ! The leptin output is reduced and the hormone ‘Ghrelin’ settles into the foreground . This increases the hunger level and finally ensures an weight increase .

6 . Little sleep affects the blood sugar . In various studies it was determined that too little sleep can affect the blood sugar values in a negative way.

7 . Those who sleep less will increase the chances of getting sick . Because the immune system is weakened when there is too little sleep.

8 . Too little sleep can increase blood pressure .

And there are many more effects. As you can see, sleep issues should not be ignored .

How you can help a teenager with sleep issues ?

This is not that easy, teenagers want to have their own decision, they consider themselves adult enough.

1 . Teach your teen about the effects of too little sleep, for example that it harms your health.

2 . Be a good example and go to bed at regular times .

3 . Do not buy too many caffeinated drinks, for example energy drinks.

4 . Prohibit electronic devices above a specific time .

Many teenagers sleep insufficiently, a study has shown that one out of five teenagers sleep less than 6 hours.

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